Congratulations On Your Graduation

I am graduating from my Master of Accountancy program today. Like many other Spring 2023 graduates, today marks the end of another chapter in my life. Graduate school was not what I expected it would be. In fact, I found it much more academically challenging than anything I’d ever encountered before. It’s not enough toContinue reading “Congratulations On Your Graduation”

Money Saving Tips For Graduate Students

Going to graduate school is not only hard work but it is also expensive. Whether you are a full-time student or a part-time student, you could be spending tens of thousands of dollars per semester for your degree. While expenses like tuition are unavoidable, there are ways for graduate students to lower their expenses atContinue reading “Money Saving Tips For Graduate Students”

Every College Senior Must Do Before Graduation

Making it to your senior year of college in a global pandemic is a big accomplishment and should be celebrated. You’ve achieved a great milestone and will soon graduate to conquer the world. However, this won’t be easy. The labor market has changed significantly as evidenced by the millions of layoffs in 2020 and theContinue reading “Every College Senior Must Do Before Graduation”

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