5 Smart Money Moves To Make In Your 20s

The financial decisions you make in your 20s can have a big impact on your future. While you figure out what you want in life, this decade presents a good opportunity to start building the foundation of a good life in the future. Yes, you’ll make mistakes but the lessons you learn will allow youContinue reading “5 Smart Money Moves To Make In Your 20s”

Good Money Habits To Teach Your Children

Many people had to learn on their own how to responsibly manage their money. Imagine how different your life would have been if someone had taught you, throughout your childhood, good money habits? Well, you can set your child on the path to financial success by teaching them good money habits early. Here are 8Continue reading “Good Money Habits To Teach Your Children”

Money Saving Tips For Graduate Students

Going to graduate school is not only hard work but it is also expensive. Whether you are a full-time student or a part-time student, you could be spending tens of thousands of dollars per semester for your degree. While expenses like tuition are unavoidable, there are ways for graduate students to lower their expenses atContinue reading “Money Saving Tips For Graduate Students”

5 Money Moves To Make With Your Tax Refund

It’s that time of year again where you either owe Uncle Sam or Uncle Sam owes you. Hopefully, you’re in the latter group. We all have experienced how needlessly complicated filing your taxes can be. Thankfully, taxpayers can go directly to the IRS, utilize tax preparation software, or hire a professional to file your taxes.Continue reading “5 Money Moves To Make With Your Tax Refund”

How To Avoid A High Medical Bill

An unexpected high expense is the worst thing to happen to someone trying to budget and get their life together. Healthcare costs in the U.S. are notoriously high. It is then no surprise that medical bills are listed as the number one reason the average American files for bankruptcy. Medical bills are complex. Unlike yourContinue reading “How To Avoid A High Medical Bill”

Benefits Of Being Frugal

The word frugal often conjures up images of misers, miserable penny pinchers and extreme cheapskates. For some reason, people also assume that because someone chooses to live frugally that means they simply cannot afford luxury. Being frugal is none of these things. It’s simply being intentional in how you choose to spend your money. AndContinue reading “Benefits Of Being Frugal”

A Very Merry Budget Friendly Christmas

We are now in one of the biggest shopping holiday seasons in the U.S. Even those people who do not celebrate this time of year still take advantage of the sales and discounts being offered. It’s pretty easy to get sucked into the advertising and end up spending a lot more than you budgeted for.Continue reading “A Very Merry Budget Friendly Christmas”

Steps To Prepare For A Recession

Recession, soft landing and economic slowdown are frequent buzzwords on the news about the economy these days. Regardless of your feelings about the current state of the economy, there’s sufficient evidence that a recession may be on the horizon (NPR). Indicators like a 9% inflation, the slowdown in hiring from the top U.S. tech companies,Continue reading “Steps To Prepare For A Recession”