Congratulations On Your Graduation

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I am graduating from my Master of Accountancy program today. Like many other Spring 2023 graduates, today marks the end of another chapter in my life. Graduate school was not what I expected it would be. In fact, I found it much more academically challenging than anything I’d ever encountered before. It’s not enough to just know accounting concepts, what’s more important is using those concepts to solve business problems. To be able to do this type of critical thinking requires time, effort and persistence. While I’m sad this chapter is ending, I’m looking forward to a new beginning. Congratulations on your graduation, all the 2023 graduates!


It’s A New Beginning

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Today marks the beginning of a new unknown chapter. I’m starting a new career at a new company. At my age, I’m a little nervous about this prospect but excited at the same time. I decided to leave my job and go back to school because I wanted to be challenged in my work. I also wanted to be around people who have that kind of ambition. I wanted to be in an environment that fostered individual and team growth. One that also presented opportunities to learn and hone new skills. I’m looking forward to starting my new position in the fall.

People think once you graduate university you have it all sorted out. The truth is most of us don’t. We have an idea of what we are now qualified to do, but where we may end up 10 years from now is very uncertain. Over the past 2 years I’ve learned that the journey is just as important as the destination. You learn to push past your perceived limitations. You meet new people who can have a great impact on your life. And you learn to truly value the people who supported you throughout this journey.

Thank You To All My Support


Speaking of people who supported the 2023 graduates, I want to thank the people who supported me. Thanks to my husband who not only encouraged me to go back to school but kept me motivated every step of the way. Thanks to my mom for supporting me for 31 years and providing delicious Sunday dinners to keep me fueled for the week. Thanks to my sisters who always answered when I called and provided relief from the stress of school when I needed it. Thanks to my brother who made sure that I prioritized staying healthy mentally and physically. Thanks to my best friends, those in Jamaica and in the U.S. who were only a text message or a video call away and celebrated all my small wins.

I, along with the other thousands of 2023 graduates, would not have made it this far if it wasn’t for our support system. So, while you celebrate today, don’t forget the people who were cheering you on along the way.

Will I Continue Blogging?

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I intend to continue blogging for the foreseeable future. I enjoy learning about personal finance and passing on my knowledge to those who need it! Again, congratulations on your graduation.

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