We Do NOT Have The Same 24 Hours

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Ever wonder why the person next to you has achieved so much more or less than you when we all have the same 24 hours to achieve success? Well, you can stop wondering. The truth is, we do not all have the same 24 hours. While the number of hours is the same, what we are able to accomplish in those hours are vastly different. It is different because of three primary reasons. After reading this blog you’ll probably come to the same conclusion too. We Do NOT Have The Same 24 Hours.


Different Abilities

People are inherently unique and therefore have different abilities. Someone who specializes in an activity can perform that activity much more efficiently than someone who does not. For example, when I built a dashboard for reporting at work, it could take me up to 8 hours to complete it. Someone with a background in data analytics however could easily replicate my work, and do a much better job in half the time.

Different abilities also mean people have different limitations. There are people who are good at and love solving complex puzzles and problems who struggle daily with social interactions. Then there are others who are great public speakers and charismatic leaders but could not get past the 1st level of sudoku. Our differences and limitations make what we achieve in 24 hours significantly different for everyone.

Difference In Resources


People with more resources are able to get more benefits in 24 hours than people with less resources. A tax attorney making $150/hour and someone who works in fast food making $15/hour do not have the same earnings at the end of the working day. Regardless of how much effort or productivity the fast-food worker puts in.

People with more resources and more connections are able to maximize their time to propel their earnings and career forward. So even if they work less hours, they are still able to gain more in those hours than others with limited resources.

Inherently Flawed System

To put it bluntly, America is not a meritocracy. If you’ve been watching closely, those born at the top of the social hierarchy usually stay there. The same can be said for those born at the bottom. While wealth mobility is possible the few who achieved it had to make significant sacrifices. There are those who are deserving of benefits, who got all A’s and did everything right, but are stuck in dead end jobs burdened by significant debt. Then there are others who fit society’s standards perfectly who are promoted to positions of power with a lot less effort than those who do not. Meritocracy does not exist in a world where people who do everything correctly are still penalized.

My Thoughts

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I used to be someone who believed that we are all able to achieve the same level of greatness as Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffet. The truth is however that life is so complicated with unforeseen challenges that that level of achievement is very rare. Instead, I now focus on overcoming my personal limitations and improving my abilities. While I can not single handedly change the system, I can do my best to navigate it and bring about small changes that levels the playing field for everyone. So, while we do not have the same 24 hours, we can all make the most of it in our own way. Read more of my thoughts on personal development [HERE]

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