Benefits Of Being Frugal

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The word frugal often conjures up images of misers, miserable penny pinchers and extreme cheapskates. For some reason, people also assume that because someone chooses to live frugally that means they simply cannot afford luxury. Being frugal is none of these things. It’s simply being intentional in how you choose to spend your money. And while it is a difficult lifestyle to maintain in a world that praises over consumption, it can be very rewarding. Let’s explore the benefits of being frugal.


Learning Discipline

Frugality and discipline go hand in hand. Being frugal requires setting goals and working every day to achieve them. You’ll also need to develop deep self-awareness to stay on track with your goals. Delaying gratification for a better outcome means reminding yourself everyday what you’re working towards and ignoring distractions that are sure to come up every now and then. A bonus to mastering the discipline needed to live a frugal lifestyle is that discipline can transfer to other areas of your life such as your fitness or career. [How To Create Your Personal Budget]

Learning To Appreciate The Little Things

In my opinion, one of the best benefits of being frugal is you learn to appreciate the little things. Not trying to buy your way to happiness enlightens you to contentment that can be found around you for free. You’ll find yourself focusing more on what you do have and less on what you don’t. Gratitude will also become a familiar feeling when you stop acquiring meaningless junk and start appreciating all the things and loved ones you already have that make your life fulfilling.

Being Intentional About The Life You Want

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If done right, being frugal can lead you to living the life you’ve always wanted. Instead of spending your money recklessly, you’re intentional about curating a life that brings you a wealth of joy, love and happiness. You may have to pass up on the things that means very little in your life to enjoy the ones that do. So yes, you’ll eat out a lot less but you can also enjoy a family vacation, or enjoy a hobby with your friends. You determine what your life looks like buy determine how you spend your money and what is a priority to you. This is a great benefits of being frugal.

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