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Money and the lack of it have played a dominant role in my life since childhood. The lack of it was instrumental in shaping my childhood experiences. The presence of it has continued to shape my adult experience. The night and day contrast between the two experiences gave me first hand insight into how destructive and powerful money can be. Since the pandemic, here’s my current views on money.

1. Money Is Only A Tool

Money is a tool and is only as useful as the knowledge of the person who holds it. Money will not magically solve your problems. You must put the effort in to accomplish that. If handled right you can use money to acquire the life, freedom, and legacy you’ve always wanted. But you must learn its value and how to use the money effectively and efficiently. Alternatively, keeping all your cash in your bank account is not the answer. You’ll only lose your money to inflation. So, like Michael Angelo, use money as your tool to paint the life you believe you deserve.

2. People Are More Important Than Money

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Money cannot replace the importance of genuine human interactions. We are social creatures who feel our best when surrounded by friends and loved ones. So, a big mistake to make is to trade your relationships for money. Doing this will lead to a life of loneliness and regret. Besides, why work hard to achieve wealth if you cannot share it with those who you love?

3. The Value of Money Comes From Spending It

Hoarding money is one of the worst things you can do with it. The value of money comes from spending it. Spend on activities that fulfill you. Spend on capital assets to store and build more wealth. Keep in mind that the richest people in the world are those who have mastered the art of spending money. For tips on how to spend your money wisely check out my other blogs below!

For tips on how to spend your money wisely check out my other blogs!

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